How To Make Your Own Bed Swing

Before you start shopping for a bed swing, it’s best to know what kind of bed swing you want. There are four types of bed swings: inflatable, wood, metal, and wooden outdoor swing. Each type has different features and benefits, so it is important to know what you want before you go shopping. Once you’ve decided on the type of bed swing you want, then you can begin your search. These are the most common places where you will find bed swings:

Vinyl Beds: These types of swings are made of durable vinyl material. They are available in a wide variety of styles and colors, such as traditional, contemporary, or country-themed vinyl swings. Because they are made of vinyl, they are easy to clean and they do not retain dust like wooden bed swings do.

Four Oak Designs: Because the four oak designs have hard, solid wood sides, they are perfect for balconies or other areas that get lots of traffic. Since these four swing sets can be purchased in different sizes, you should be able to find the one that fits your measurements. Wood porch swing bed swings are also available in a variety of styles. Many have open-backed benches. Some are designed with four large cushions that can be replaced with a queen-sized comforter when you need to take a nap. A few come with cup holders.

Metal Beds: Metal bed swings can either be traditional or contemporary. They can feature either a vinyl or steel body. If you want a metal hanging bed swing that features a covered structure, you should shop for one that is made of galvanized steel. This makes the metal stronger and more durable. The covered structure can either be constructed from aluminum or an aluminum and brass combination.

Bed Swing Paint Color: You can buy plain unpainted bed swings or you can choose to have them customized. When you purchase them unpainted, you can make them as bright or as subdued as you want. However, you should not choose bold colors for a metal swing because the metal may react with the paint. When you go to a custom Williams dealer, you can have the color of your choice applied to your bed swing.

You should note that the higher grade exterior clear coating that you purchase will add significantly to the price of your custom Williams bed swing. The reason for this is that these bed swings will require more frequent painting due to their covered structure. If you decide to use a lower grade, less expensive product, you should purchase three to four coats of clear coat paint. You should also note that if you decide to use a lower grade paint that does not have the high grade clear coating, that the paint may chip after frequent direct exposure to the sun. When you purchase your custom Williams bed swing, you should pay very close attention to the paint in the door jamb area, the arms, the louvers, and the hardware because these are the areas that will be most abused and will need the most attention to keep them looking great.

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